The best prospects
as a skilled worker

In our team of more than 100 colleagues you have the best prospects as a skilled worker!

Hillebrandt is characterised by professionalism, structures with future-oriented processes and modern, partially automated production methods.

You can develop in this modern work environment, all opportunities are open to you. And we really mean that.

What awaits you:

  • diverse and individual development opportunities with room for your ideas
  • a dynamic team with lots of plans
  • the promotion of external training opportunities
  • a supportive environment in a team-oriented corporate structure
  • the perfect symbiosis of real craftwork and digital production processes in a modern work environment
  • a modern machine park, construction in 3D technology
  • financial security through pay above the collective wage agreement, company pension scheme with an employer’s allowance above the collective wage agreement
  • accident insurance with which you are well covered
  • leasing of a job bike for the way to work as well as for private use

Benefits - why work at Hillebrandt?


Together we do great things projects for our clients. Become part of a harmonious team in which we all work together and grow beyond limits.


Standstill and treading water are not things we know about. You will continue to expand your knowledge through regular internal and external training.


As a modern technical company all possibilities and doors will be open to you in order to help shape the of the future at Hillebrandt and set trends.

Vacant positions - your prospects are here

Hillebrandt Darius Stencel Metalworker

Darius Stencel

Hello, my name is Darius Stencel. I have been working at Hillebrandt since 2010 as a metalworker specialising in construction technology. Primarily I work in production, but I also do assembly work all over Germany. My job as a metal worker is very varied and demanding at the same time. The work environment within our company is very pleasant and collegial. I am happy to be part of the team.

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Hillebrandt Adam Swandula Welder Programmer Welding Robot Production Lines

Adam Swandula

Hello, my name is Adam Swandula. I work at Hillebrandt as a welder. I successfully completed my training as a metalworker here in 2007. Over time, I discovered welding for myself. I enjoyed it very much and through further training I was able to become a certified welder. I now work as a certified programmer for Cloos welding robots in automated welding.

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Hillebrandt Vitali Wagner is Head of Logistics and Deputy Operations Manager

Vitali Wagner
Operations Manager Container Construction

Hello, my name is Vitali Wagner. I started at the Hillebrandt company as a logistics specialist to build up my own logistics and establish new processes. I continued my education at night school and became a team leader. As the company grew, the logistics department grew and new tasks were added. Today, I am proud to be the operations manager for container construction, with an eye on the process chains in production.

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