Renovation of the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten in Frankfurt

Stadt Frankfurt

The Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten has a long history. Built in 1871, it underwent extensive renovations between 2009 and 2012 to meet the requirements of a modern events venue.

Project description

Existing buildings form part of our special skillset. We are always meeting new challenges when it comes to measurements, construction and fittings. Our main task in this project was to construct a supporting structure with maintenance and installation walkways for the building’s roof, where its ventilation system, lighting and sound technology for the events room are also located. The entire construction had to be brought into the roof via a small installation opening and installed without opening the roof. Further works on the ballroom such as wall bracings, support structures in the gallery and other steel construction works were part of this ambitious project.

Data / facts

City of Frankfurt
Construction period:
2009 – 2010
170 t
Renovation of the roof support structures (truss) with maintenance walkways consisting of small, max. 2.0 m long components
Reconstruction of the ballroom galleries
Various steel constructions for roofs and stages
Installation of restored railings
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