Comprehensive realisation of textile facades for you

Hillebrandt is the expert for textile facades and accompanies you as architect and client from the start with out deep knowledge of usage from many realised projects. With textile façade construction, we at Hillebrandt implement future-oriented façade concepts for buildings throughout Germany. We as a company always act just as flexibly as the textiles we use.

Reliable services

Comprehensive advice

Already in advance your our contact will take you along and we answer all your fundamental questions on the system and practical application.

Turnkey realisation

From the planning to the structural engineer to the professional production and assembly of the textile façade from one reliable source.

Maintenance to preserve value

Following completion we maintain the design and values of the textile facade through service, maintenance and updates on your design.

Benefits for architects

You can rely on us from the very start! We advise you in advance of your planning on the fundamental questions. Our professional realisation helps to reduce your architectural liability. You can read what impressed other architects here here.

  • They gain many design possibilities for new construction and building in existing contexts
  • Surfaces can be broken up by you in terms of design
  • The translucence of the material allows you to play with light and shad and has energy effects
  • Light change: during the day, the building has a rather closed effect; at night, the fabric is hardly visible and allows the solid components to be staged
  • Three-dimensional geometries are thus easy and cost-efficient to realise

Benefits for clients

For clients we are a reliable realisation partner, who creates individual solutions for textile facades hand in hand with you and your architect.


Absolutely competitive and economical solutions as textile facades, and this:

  • The sustainable increase of your real estate valuesecures the attractiveness and subsequent value for subsequent uses
  • for a modern image for your company and your brand
  • An increase of your employer appeal through the radiance of the building and through an improved work environment
  • without subsequent costs (such as e.g. no need to paint),
Hillebrand is the preferred realisation partner of Schüco for FACID textile facades

Hillebrandt is the preferred
realisation partner of Schüco
for FACID textile facades

Hillebrand is the preferred realisation partner of Schüco for FACID textile facades

You profit from Hillebrandt’s many years of comprehensive experience in the application of the FACID textile facade system by SCHÜCO. Our in-depth know-how flows into every new project – for professional results for you as architect and client.

Customer comments

When we met, I quickly realised that two points in particular distinguish the Hillebrandt company: Professionality and the best standards of production. This can be seen in the high quality production and the reliable cooperation. Not to forget the good planning on our architectural basis. The team actively makes design suggestions, always tries hard to find a solution and supports me as an architect with many details. And the way they deal with clients is also absolutely impeccable.

Even in the initial meeting we noticed how far superior Hillebrandt is in FACID textile façades and in steel construction. The Hillebrandt company was recommended to us by SCHÜCO. The experience from numerous projects with concrete practical application is their big asset. This is particularly evident in the advice given to architects and clients. In addition, the quick feedback, the very sound knowledge of the system and short decision-making paths are helpful to me.

Textile facades are a special service Textile façades from Hillebrandt have opened up impressive new design possibilities for us: They make the construction of 3D facades substantially more cost-efficient. For me as an architect, the play with light or the transparency of the fabric is fascinating, depending on the incidence of light or illumination. With Hillebrandt we have a partner who has very good detailed knowledge of this. There are many preliminary discussions for each project, in which individual technical solutions are important. They combine this thoughtfulness down to the last detail with design, construction and assembly from a single source. Hillebrandt has really moved us forward with this well-rounded overall package.


Experience high-precision steel construction as a special solution from a single source.

Hillebrandt plans comprehensively and realises your project professionally and economically.

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