High-precision steel construction realised for you

Special solutions with solid construction, realised well at a good price – that is what Hillebrandt is known for in steel construction. We are known for two things in particular:

  • Complete solutions
  • Delicate special solutions

We supplement our services with a well-established network of structural engineers, crane rental companies and many other partners. So that your project is realised well and within budget.

Hillebrandt Steel construction Substructure Building in existing contexts Complex Palmengarten Frankfurt
Hillebrandt Steel construction Substructure Building in existing contexts Complex Palmengarten Frankfurt detail drawing

We construct in existing contexts

Construction in existing contexts is our core business.

A thousand times more complicated, undoubtedly. But with our experts we have always mastered the most complex demands satisfactorily. Hillebrandt is also certified in accordance with DIN 1090 EXC3. This allows us to grow upwards together with construction over 30 m high.

FIVE services in detail - Team performance

Hillebrandt Meeting advising clients

Comprehensive advice

Our committed contact persons take the time to explain technical requirements ahead of time and to answer all your questions about the upcoming project. Far-sighted planning and cost-efficient solutions create an individual range of services that is impressive.


Customer comments

I was impressed by the high level of professionalism with clear structures and production lines. This makes it possible to realise large projects without problems. And the consultation, AV and statics are also excellent. Hillebrandt gets to the point. They ask good questions and give well-founded answers as well as ideas. In this way, we were able to realise projects in a solution-oriented and absolutely reliable way.

When we met, I quickly realised that two points in particular distinguish the Hillebrandt company: Professionality and the best standards of production. This can be seen in the high quality production and the reliable cooperation. Not to forget the good planning on our architectural basis. The team actively makes design suggestions, always tries hard to find a solution and supports me as an architect with many details. And the way they deal with clients is also absolutely impeccable.

Experience innovative design possibilities with individual textile façades.

Hillebrandt supports you from the planning stage through production to the assembly of cost-efficient solutions.

Hillebrandt Building textile facade FACID SCHUECO car park Bielefeld in daytime
Hillebrandt constructed and built steel construction Knorr Bremse Munich
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